Status update

Chinnavaramandi – DVD , Christmas Santhosham, Christmas Savvadi are now available in leading christian stores.

Chinnavaramandi – DVD Released!!!

Praise the LORD!! Dear Bros. / Sis. By HIS grace we are back in activities now. Thanks for all your support so far in our ministry. We love our GOD and though it is being tough to manage and maintain the burden of music ministry with self funded. We request you all to support us(…)

Promise of the Month

I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel.

— Numbers 24:17

Welcome to Telugu Christian Music Ministries

Welcome to Telugu Christian Music Ministries

Telugu Christian Music Ministries is the leading Gospel Music platform for Telugu Christian Musicians who wish to extend their reach, reward and return through community and streaming media. Our interactive platform enables ministries the opportunity to deliver their content over the Internet, to a global audience. Thank you, for visiting us at to listen(…)

Padavalo Na Yesu

Jesus, is taking rest after his preaches..Shhhhh…. be silent…. Lets know who he is and why / where he is preaching…

New Opportunities

New opportunities: This is our occasional update about forthcoming opportunities that we encourage budding young musicians to apply for an upcoming album that we produce. Any interested musicians can reach us on If you know a friend who is seeking for an oppourtunity or a break or you wish them to welcome on Christian(…)

Yesutho Nadichedan – Nee Sakshiga

Yes my Lord, Let me walk with you.. Let me spread your word…Let me introduce you to the unknown… as your are the way, you are the truth and you are the savior…

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